Dreadnaughts who have passed away since Vietnam

Last Updated January 11, 2016

The following is a list of former Members of the 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor who have passed away since serving with the Battalion.






 * = The following information is based on research, word of mouth reports from friends, and in some cases "rumor" messages. The aim and focus of this web page is to inform, not to give misinformation. Please report any errors noted immediately to Pat Forster for correction.

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Red texted names are recently added names since last publication.

John E. Abeyta 27-Jan-2014 SSG A 65-67
Vernon V. Adams 19-Feb-1980 1SG A 67-68
Leroy E. Adams 23-Aug-1970 SP5 HQ 66-67
Irene Agosto-Alamo 29-Jan-2014 PSG C 66-67
Reyes Alanis 23-May-2011 SSG A 68
Daniel C. Alaniz 25-Aug-1988 PFC B 70
David L. Allen 11-Feb-1984 PFC HHC 69-70
Johnny Alley 04-Mar-72 SGT D 70
Alexander M. Almasi 31-Oct-2009 SP4 HHC 69-70
Fredrick W. Altimus 11-Oct-2010 CW2 HQ 66
Robert D Anderson ? SP4 B 66-67
Robert Areias 12-Oct-1995 SP4 B 69
G. Arguinzoni-Vargas 20-Apr-2011 SP5 B 66-67
Anselmo Arismendez 22-Mar-2003 SSG H RECON 67-68 & 69-70
Bruce Auer 28-Oct-2007 1LT C & XO 67-68
Curtis Odell Austin 13-Feb-2012 SP5 A 70
Albert J. Baldwin 5-Nov-1992 PVT A 66-67
Robert A. Banks 12-Sep-1993 SP5 D 69
Kenneth F. Barchenski 6-Feb-96 SP4 H MORTARS 67-68
David H. Barlow 26-Jan-2006 1SG H TANKS 68-69
Woodford L. Bass 26-Dec-2012 SP4 B 69
Sylvester Beam 1-Jul-2006 B 64-67
Ronald L. Becker 2-Nov-1998 B 69-70
Richard Bednarski 3-Jul-2009 SSG B 68
Amos Bell Jr. 2-Jan-1998 SP4 HHC 67
Elias L. Bell 27-Jun-1972 SP5 A 66-67
George V. Bennett 1-Dec-2009 SP5 A 68
Thomas Benson IN 1994 PFC HQ 66-67
Donald L. Bentley NEWS LETTER SP5 HQ 66-67
Sam B. Bergquist 23-May-2004 SP5 B 68
Steven Best IN MAY 2001 A 70
Lloyd O. Biggs 20-Dec-2014 CW2 D 68-70
Patrick R. Bird 9-Feb-2010 C 67 or 69
Edwin J. Bittng 16-Nov-1991 SP4 D 70
Steven W. Blaho 29-Jun-1996 PVT A 66-67
John Blankenship 26-Oct-1996 SSG B 69
Vernal R. Bloom 17-Dec-2002 SGT HHC & C 67-68
Fredrick James Boliba 12-Jun-2012 HQ 66-67
Alvin G. Bonds 26-Oct-2006 SFC HHC 66-67
John R. Bonnell 5-Oct-1983 PFC B 70-71
Frank D. Bonner 26-Nov-1974 SP5 HQ 66-67
Ronald C. Boss 28-Apr-1988 E4 Unk Unk
Barnabus T. Brady 18-Feb-2009 SP5 B 69-70
Nolan H. Branch 24-Jul-2002 Unk 67-68
Gary B. Brandon 3-Jan-2000 B 65-66
Toby Brant IN OCT 2004 SGT A 69
Jesse Bratton Jr. 14-Feb-1996 SP5 HQ 66-67
Robert E. Braun IN MAY 2012 SGT H RECON 67-68
James R. Braxton, Jr IN 1995 PFC B 66-67
Kendall Lee Brincefield 19-Feb-1997 SGT HQ MED SECT 66-67
Terrence E. Britton 20-Jan-2002 SP5 HHC 67-68
Terry L. Bronson 8-Aug-10 SP4 HHC 69
Larry A. Broughton 12-May-2008 SSG B 69
Earl Broussard 2-Sep-2013 SFC B 69
Dale E. Brown 30-Aug-2001 SFC B 68
Charles R. Brown 25-Apr-2005 PFC D 69-70
Randall L. Brown IN 1969 SP4 A 68-69
Billie Brown 8-Mar-1993 SFC Unk 69
Roy W Bruner 23-Feb-2012 SGT C 67-68
Leland S. Buckner IN 1998 CPT HQ 66-67
Harold A. Buhl 7-Aug-2001 SGT HQ 69
Robert A. Burgoyne 27-Mar-1999 SP5 C Unk
Herman E. Burkgiesser 24-Mar-1985 SFC HQ 66-67
Charles Buster 17-May-2011 SGM HHC 68
David S. Cabrera 3-Apr-1992 PVT H MORTARS 66-67
Covington A. Caldwell 16-Sep-2007 SSG H RECON 66-67
Lorenza S. Calhoun IN 1999 SSG B 66-67
Jerry Calhoun 2-Feb-1974 A 69-70
Robert Callery 28-May-2004 SGT B 69-70
James C. Cameron 3-Oct-1993 PFC Unk Unk
Joseph Lawrence Cameron 23-Aug-04 SFC B 70
Eugene Campbell IN 1997 SSG C 66-67
Bob Canada IN 1999 HQ & C 67-68
Ralph W.Carbaugh 12-Aug-1997 SGT HHC 69
William F. Carleton 29-Jul-2008 SP4 D 69-70
David L. Carlise 7-Nov-1999 PVT Unk 66-67
John L. Carpino UNKNOWN SP4 B 66-67
Hubert M. Carter UNKNOWN SSG A 69-70
Guadalupe A Castro 1-Sep-1999 SFC B 67-68
Thomas W. Castro 22-Mar-2010 PVT A 66-67
Lonnie Caudill 30-Jan-1999 C 69-70
Haskell Cauldwell IN 1970s C 68
Samuel W. Chance 27-May-1998 SP4 A 69
Kenneth W. Chandler 22-Jun-2004 H SUPP PLT 66-67
James M. Chase 4-Sep-1987 PFC HHC 66-67
George P. Chavis 28-Mar-2005 CW2 BN MAINT 66-67
James L Cherry 1-Mar-2001 PFC A 68
Larry G. Chesser 16-Nov-2009 PFC HHC 69
Citron IN 1999 SSG C 67-68
Claude L. Clark IN MAR 2007 CPT B 66-67
Don W. Clark, Sr VERBAL REPORT SSG HQ 66-67
Phillip L. Clements 23-Oct-1974 PVT HHC 66-67
Harley L. Clifton 20-Dec-1985 MSG HQ 66-67
Morris D. Coberth Jr 28-May-2004 CPT HHC 66-67
Collins, James D. 25-Sep-2006 PFC D 69-70
Filbert N. Cook IN 2001 SSG B 68
John J. Cooper Jr 9-Jan-1990 SSG B 66-67
Leroy M. Corbeil IN 2004 SP4 HQ 66-67
Jack R. Cornn 28-Mar-2014 PSG B 69-70
Foyd L. Cota IN 2001 SP5 C 66-67
Terry O. Cox 23-Dec-1972 SP5 D 69-70
Ernest E. Cox NEWS LETTER SSG HQ 66-67
James B. Craft 27-Jun-2013 1SG A 69-70
Frederick C. Cramer 23-Mar-2011 Unk 67-68
Joseph W. Crawford 15-Feb-2006 SGT HHC 66-67
Richard W. Creighton 20-Jan-2010 PFC D 70
Gary J. Cristini IN 1984 SP5 B 67-69
Cartillia Cross 14-Oct-1998 PFC HHC 68
John M. Cross IN 1997 PFC A 70
Lloyd Culbertson 18-Jul-1994 SP4 B 69
James J. Cullinane 16-Jul-1999 PFC B 69
Joseph V. Cunningham 30-Nov-2002 SP4 A 68-71
Denny Ray Currier 26-Mar-2014 C 68
Ray D. Curry 24-Nov-1979 SSG B 68-69
Donald M. Curtis 4-Jun-1990 PVT A 66-67
Fred M. Dail IN 1996 BSM Unk 66-67
Robert J. Dambra 5-Apr-2010 SP4 D 70
Jimmy L. Davidson 22-Dec-2008 PSG A & HQ 69-70
Bob Davidson 5-Sep-2013 H RECON & H 68
Willliam S. Day IN APR 1993 1LT HHC 70
Wayne K. De Boer 26-Dec-1996 PFC HQ 68
Rich A. Decker In 2012 A 67-68
David C. Decker IN JUN 2005 B 69-70
Micheal W. Defender IN 1974 SP4 B 69
Anthony Degregorio 28-Mar-10 SP4 HHC 68
Richard A. DeLaney IN 1983 SP5 A 66-67
Ernest J, Demarais Jr 21-Jul-2010
Vernon M. Denny 8-Sep-1998 PFC HHC 70
Robert W. Deutscher 3-Mar-2010 PFC HHC 68
Edward C. Dillard 15-Feb-1990 SGT B 70-71
Robert J. Dinardo 9-Jul-2007 SP4 HHC 68
Carl G. Dinger 24-Nov-2011 SSG B 68
James V. Dixon 31-May-2001 SP4 H MORTARS 68-69
Terry Dockery UNKNOWN A 67-68
Raymond D Dodson 6-Jul-2008 PVT A 68
Alfred G. Donaldson 2-Jul-1995 SSG C 66-67
Jackie W. Donnell 7-Jan-2012 SP5 C MEDIC 67-68
Philip L. Dorman 12-Apr-1992 SP4 C 70
Larry J. Douglas 4-Apr-2008 SP4 B 69
John I Drogokupiec 11-Jan-2009 SP4 H RECON 66-67
Robert D. Duley 27-May-2010 SP4 HQ PERS 66-67
Erwin Dumancas IN 2001 SP5 C 66-67
Michael L. Dunstan 15-Aug-2012 SP5 HQ 70
Jack L. Dunster 24-Dec-1969 HHC 66-67
Thomas Steven Eagle 7-Jan-1988 SGT A 69-70
Norval V. Eatherton 2-Mar-1972 SP5 HQ 66-67
Rodney I. Edmondson 12-Jul-2005 SGT HHC 69-70
Gregory L. Elkins 29-Nov-1992 SP4 B 67
Stanley Elliot 19-Aug-2004 SSG C 66-67
Gordon D. Ellis 3-Jan-1976 SP4 H TANKS 66-67
Alfred Ellis 19-Mar-1994 SP5 Unk 66-67
Escarsiga, Ralph C. IN 3-76 PVT C 66-67
Robert F. Essner Jr 10-Aug-2008 SP4 B 69-70
David Everett 21-Dec-2009 SP4 C 67-68
John H. Fackler 9-Oct-1981 SFC HHC Unk
Dan T. Falso  29-Sep-2012 PVT A 67-68
Richard  D. Farina 6-Dec-2012 CPT HQ 66-67
Donald Fenwick 13-Nov-2005 SP4 HHC 69
Edmond L. Ferris 29-Jun-1996 SP4 B 68
Gary Ferris 2-Feb-2003 SSG A 68-69
Michael T. Fife IN APRIL 1974 SP4 A 69
Larry G. File 21-Jun-1979 SP4 C 69
Gordon W. Finch 23-Jun-2005 SP6 D 69
John A. Finnell 19-Aug-1999 PFC D 69-70
Marcus C. Fisher 14-May-1999 SSG HHC 68-70
Daniel J. Flaherty 4-Feb-1993 PVT C 66-67
Earl W. Fleming 17-Dec-2010 SSG HHC 68
Winfred F. Floyd 16-Dec-2001 1SG A 66-67
Larry Fogle 5-Oct-2015 C 67-68
Auzie L. Ford 15-Feb-2008 PFC B 70-71
Herman L. Ford 29-Dec-1971 SP5 HQ 66-67
Robert C. Ford 3-Jan-1982 PVT HQ 66-67
Donald H. Fortune IN 1995 1LT D X.O. 68
Jimmy L. Fox 16-Dec-1999 Unk Unk
Carl M.Fox IN 2008 SGT A 66-67
James Jonathan Freeman 13-Jul-2013
Richard Freyre 4-Feb-1984 SSG B 66-67
Roy Gaither IN JULY 1985 SFC C 67-68
William G. Gallegos 28-Apr-1998 PFC B 70-71
Robert L. Galloway 23-Jul-1971 SP4 B 68
Gerald D. Gallup 1-Jan-1982 D Unk
Mario Garcia VERBAL REPORT PVT C 66-67
Chris Y. Garcia 28-May-2013 SSG B & C 66-67
L.D. Garrett 1-Aug-1987 PFC B 69
Donald W. Gattis 12-Feb-1997 PFC HQ 68
Stewart A. Gavitt Jr 2-Nov-2007 SFC HQ 66-67
Robert J. Gent 1-Aug-2009 SSG B 68-69
Doyle G. Gentry 14-Nov-2012 SGT A 66-67
Richard C. George 20-Dec-2000 SP5 HHC 69
Ronald E. Gessner 2-Sep-2003 C 68-69
Aubrey Gibson 12-Jul-2004 SFC A 70
Eugene F. Gibson 4-Sep-1991 WO1 HHC 68
Harlen M. Gibson 3-May-2014 SGM HQ 70
Eugene M. Gilbert 16-Aug-1996 SP4 C 67-68
Willie C. Givens 3-Mar-2015 SP5 HQ 66-67
Patrick Gleaton In Apr 1987 SP4 D 70
Glover, Homer E. 13-Jan-2005 PFC D 69-70
Cazimer J. Glowinia 19-Jan-2012 2LT A 70
Jesse M Goad III IN 1990 SP6 HQ MEDIC 66-67
Alan R. Goike 18-Feb-2003 PVT H MORTARS 66-67
Sammie N. Gorman 31-Aug-1974 PVT A 66-67
Carl W. Grabeel 25-Jul-2008 1LT BN LIASON OFFICER 68
Hugh S. (Sonny) Grace 8-Jun-2009 CSM HQ 90-91
Ronald Earl Graddy UNKNOWN D 69
Milton L. Grady IN 1997 SP6 Unk 66-67
Gene A Gray 24-Feb-90 SP5 HHC 68
Gregory Green 12-Oct-2001 SP4 B 70
Duncan C. Green 2-Dec-2008 1LT A 68-69
Bruce M. Gregory 19-Jun-03 D Unk
Gilbert C.Gremmel 24-Jul-10 PFC B 70
Dennis L. Griffiths 17-Mar-2002 SP4 B 68
Lauren A. Griffiths IN 2001 SSG H RECON 66-67
John F. Gurule 26-Apr-13 SP4 B 69
John A. Hack 12/29/2014 HQ 66-67
James L. (Larry) Hackler 11-Mar-1987 PFC D 69-70
George Hadley 11-Aug-2008 D POL 68-69
Gary L. Hager 11-Oct-2010 D 68-70
Joseph P. Haggerty 17-Nov-2003 1SG B 64-67
Bobby H. Hall 24-Feb-2008 SP4 HQ 70
James E. Hall 3-Feb-2003 SP4 B 68
Tom Hall IN 1991 H MORTARS 67-69
Jackson C.Hall Jr. 5-Jul-2003 SP4 B 67
Robert L. Hamilton 6-Jun-2003 SP4 HHC 68
Lafayette Hamm IN FEB 2002 SFC B 66-67
Joseph P. Hana III NEWS LETTER PVT HHC 66-67
Charles K. Hardesty 2-May-1998 C 66-67
Gale "Tiny" Harker IN 1992 SGT B 69-70
Roy Harmon IN 1999 B 70
Willie L. Harris 7-Oct-2000 HHC Unk
Timothy J. Harris 2-Jul-2006 SP4 B 69
Willie L. Hartley VERBAL REPORT SP4 HHC 67
Lee Roy Hatcher 27-Dec-08 SP4 HQ 68
Kenneth W. Hatley 27-Oct-2001 SP4 HHC 67
Ronald A. Hayes 9-Jan-1998 SP4 HHC 70
Charles L. Healer 1-Jan-1997 1LT BN SPT 68
Heard, Jimmy D 21-Sep-2002 SP4 A 68
George L. Heath 23-Feb-1989 SSG B 70-71
Raymond J. Heiden 5-Mar-1998 PFC B 67-68
Marshall Henderson 15-Mar-1992 SP4 B 69
Harold T. Henley 7-Jul-2003 SSG A 66-67
Melvin Hentz 27-Jan-2000 SSG B 69
John Hernandez IN 2002 SP4 HHC 67-68
Carl Eugene Herrien 19-Dec-2014 H TANKS 66-67
Michael D. Hettinger 14-Feb-2001 C 70
James (Jim) Higginbotham NEWS LETTER SSG A 69-70
Thomas E. Hileman 3-Nov-1992 CPT HQ 66-67
Berry Hill Jr. 7-Oct-2002 SP4 Unk Unk
John R. Hillsman 29-Aug-2007 HQ SUPPLY 69-70
Lyle R. Hinsdale 24-May-1979 PVT HQ 66-67
Alexander Hoekstra 15-Nov-2009 SP4 H RECON 66-67
Billy Holden IN 2009 SFC B MAINT 65-67
Roger Kieth Hollinger SP4 A 69
Dana A. Holman 26-Apr-2010 SP5 B MEDIC 67
Marvin D. Holt 19-Dec-1992 PFC HQ 68
Roger Holterhaus IN 1991 HQ 66-67
Raymond Hoops 25-Dec-1982 SGT B 66-67
William (Butch) Hopkins 29-Mar-2011 B 69-70
Pat Hopkins 8-Mar-2015 B 69-70
David Little Spotted Horse 13-Sep-1981 PFC D 69
Hugh Howard 21-Nov-2012 SSG HQ TANKS 68-69
Augustus U. Howard 26-Jul-2009 PFC HQ 68
John T. Hreha 11-Apr-1998 SSG B 68-69
P. J. Huddleston III 7-Jan-1987 MAJ HQ 69-70
James M. Hudson 16-Oct-1995 PVT A 66-67
William D. Hulse IN 1989 SP5 B 66-67
Ernest W. Humphrey 11-Feb-1982 SP4 D 69-70
Jackie W. Hunt 13-May-2006 PFC HHC 68-69
Columbus Hunter 15-Nov-2001 PSG HHC 69
George Ilchak 27-Nov-1991 SP5 HQ 66-67
Robert L. Jackson 5-Jan-1993 1SG A 67-68
Ronald B. Jackson 19-May-1997 PVT C 66-67
Edison P. Jackson 7-Oct-1989 PFC A 66-67
Terry B. Jacot 21-Oct-1989 SP4 HHC 66-67
James, Bobby L. 6-Nov-2004 SP4 D 69-70
Jamieson, James L. 18-Aug-2006 SGT D 69-70
Clifford Jenkins IN 2000 SSG B 66-67
Larry Jim 3-Sep-2003 PFC A 66-67
Baldemar Jimenez 3-Dec-2011 PSG B 66-67
Ladee R. Johnson 26-Oct-11 SP4 B 69-70
Edison P. Johnson 7-Oct-1989 PFC A 66-67
William L. Johnston 23-May-1994 PFC C 66-67
Oscar L. Jones 22-Sep-1992 PFC D 68
Raymond L Jones 21-Jun-2012 MAJ BN S3 65-67
John D. Jones 11-Aug-1981 SP5 B 66-67
Kenneth J. Jorgensen 9-Jan-2011 SP4 A 66-67
Jourdain, Francis L. 1-Jul-2004 (LT) ? C Unk
Robert O. Keller 18-Feb-12 SP5 B 69-70
Thomas G. Kemp 22-Dec-1995 SP4 HQ 70
Michael E. Kemp Jr. IN 1975 SP4 A 69-70
Birtrun S. Kidwell 9-Dec-2003 BN C.O. 70
William Kilburn Jr. IN 1994 CWO BN PBO 66-67
Roy D. Kimerling IN 1988 CPT / MAJ C 66-67 & 69-70
Larry J. Kirian 10-Nov-2003 SP5 Unk 69
Roger L. Kirkwood 24-May-2010 SP5 B 68
Max A. Knight 11-Jan-1979 PFC B 66-67
Craig A. Komlanc 5-Jul-05 SP4 HHC 67
Mike Kromoff IN NOV 1985 PSG B & HHC 70-71
John D. Krueger 26-Jul-1994 SP4 A 67-68
Daniel Kwasniewski 24-Jul-2004 SP? D Unk
Wayne Lang IN 2000 A & HQ MEDIC 67-68
Walt Langer 28-Oct-2008 LT C 70
Lonnie G. Languis IN APRIL 2010 LT C 68-69
Martin T Lara 22-Jun-1999 SP4 C 68
Charles E. Larkin 6-Apr-1987 SSG A 68
Lorentz M. Larsen IN AUG 2013 SP4 B 67-68
Michael M. Lashley 27-Apr-2011 SP4 B 69
Marvin R. Lawhorne 12-Feb-1992 SP4 D 69-70
Joe L. Layton 5-Feb-2008 SGT A 67-68
Austin J. Leaf IN 1998 SP4 B 69
Gregory L. Leggett 4-Dec-1997 SGT A 68-69
Perez (Domingo) Leocaidio 10-May-1992 SSG A 70
Howard C. Lewis 1-Aug-1987 CPT HQ 68-69
Larry A. Lewis IN 2002 H RECON 66-67
Harry J. Libel 29-Dec-1996 SSG B 66-67
John D. Lindsey Jr 13-May-09 SGT C 66-67
Jerome Lompis 25-Mar-2010 B 68-69
Lindell R. Lopez 10-Nov-2003 SP4 C 66-67
Robert L. Lovelace IN OCT 1991 D 70
Michael W. Lowe 24-Apr-2002 SP4 B 70-71
Bobby Z. Lowery IN Dec 1983 1SG D 68-70
Charles W. Loy IN AUG 1978 SP4 A 70
Alfred Macias 28-Aug-2006 BN SGM 68-69
William H. Madison IN AUG 1977 PFC B 70
Michael D. Mahoney 27-Apr-69 SP4 HHC 67
Dennis Mair 7-Jan-1969 PVT HQ 66-67
Jerry Maiten Jun-92 PFC B 70-71
Bobby R. Major 7-Jul-11 PFC HQ 68
Roger L. Makley 26-Jun-1999 PFC B 70
Sammie R. Malone 4-Feb-1997 SP4 HHC 66-67
Harold E. Mansfield 11-Feb-73 SP4 C 66-67
James Mansfield 6-Oct-11 HHC ? 69 ?
Allen L. Maples 17-Oct-2002 SP4 HQ 68
Floyd W. Martin IN 1985 SP5 A 68
Elbert A. Martin UNKNOWN 1SG C 66-67
Dennis G. Martin 14-Mar-13 SP4 D 70
Richard S. Martinez 14-May-1995 B 66-67
William H. Massey IN 1991 SFC H TANKS 69-70
Thomas A Mathews 31-Dec-09 SSG B 67
Kenneth D Mastey ?1979 SP4 D 70
Willie J Maull IN 2000 SGT A 68
Thomas V. Maxfield 25-Jan-08 PFC B 70-71
Robert C. McCreary IN JULY 1980 SSG D 67-68
Raymond F. McCarthy IN 1990 SP5 D 70
Simon J. McDonald 7-Jan-1979 SP4 HQ 68
Kenneth T. McFall 22-Mar-2007 SP4 HHC & A 69-70
Eslie B. McIntosh 1-Mar-2004 A 67-68
William W. McKellar VERBAL REPORT SP4 HQ 66-67
Charles McKinley 26-Dec-1988 A Unk
Andrew J. McKoy IN 1999 SSG B 69
Kenneth J. Mc Lane 12-Jul-2014 SP4 HHC 69-70
Johnnie McLean 17-Nov-2012 PFC HQ 70
Donald McLean 22-Nov-2003 1SG B 67-68
Ronald L. McRae 6-Feb-2014 B 69
Bobby Mc Vey 12-Sep-1975 SSG B & HQ 67-68
Harold H. Mendoza 26-Feb-2001 SSG A 66-67
Neil Merciier IN 1975 H RECON 68-69
Jesus Valencia C Meza 9-Nov-2015 SSG A 66-67
Earnest E. Miller IN JAN 1991 SP5 D 70
Edgar E. Miller 11-Apr-2015 SSG D 70
Grady Milton NEWS LETTER CBR NCO Unk 66-67
Nathaniel Mitchell 12-Jul-1990 PFC B 69-70
Wesley Mitchell 27-Oct-07 PFC B 70-71
Roger L. Mohon 13-Mar-2006 HQ 70
Johnny Moore 19-Feb-1990 SSG B 67
Tommy D. Morgan NEWS LETTER SFC A 66-67
Frank L. Morris Jr. 3-Aug-1989 SP4 HQ 70
Edgar Bud Morrison IN 1991 LT A 69
Richard W. Morrison 6-Oct-1991 PVT HQ 66-67
Michael David Mortensen UNKNOWN PVT H SUPP PLT 66-67
Jack E. Mosley Jr. 2-Jan-2011 PFC A 67-68
Wayne (Sleepy) Mrazek 26-Mar-2010 H RECON 67
Richard R. Mullin 10-Dec-1985 SP5 HQ 66-67
Joe A. Mullins 14-Apr-1998 SFC D 70
Robert (Steve) Murdica IN 1998 SSG D 69-70
Chance R. Musgrave IN 2003 LT C 68-69
Dennis Nading 9-Mar-2012 LT B 68-69
Joseph K. Naleieha 27-Jun-1999 1SG HHC 70
Harry Napier Jr IN 1998 SP4 C Unk
Paul R. Nazzarelli 13-Jun-1973 C Unk
Gilbert J. Neiber IN 1995 SGT A 66-67
Ronnie D. Nelson 22-Mar-1984 PFC H SUPP PLT 66-67
Blaine F. Nestor 8-Jan-1999 SP4 HQ 68
Richard E. Newman 5-Feb-2005 PFC B 70-71
John W. Niebuhr 27-Dec-1994 B 66-67
Donald I Noble Jr. 30-Dec-2003 SP4 B 69-70
Patrick E. Nolan 24-Dec-2005 PFC HQ 68
Ronald W. Norsworthy 13-Mar-2006 SP5 C 67-68
Theodore E. O'Conner IN 1998 LTC BN C.O. 68-69
Fred Oldinsky IN 1998 BN X.O. 67-68
Frankie L. Onder 28-Mar-11 SP5 B 69
William R. Owens 1-Aug-2002 PFC B 70-71
Raymond J. Padrock 26-Jun-2010 SFC D 70
Candelrio E. Palomarez Jr 21-Jun-2010 PVT HQ 66-67
Elmer Gene Pancho 21-Mar-2002 C 66-67
Joseph Pangelinan 25-Sep-2005 PFC HQ 70
Louis J. Pappas Jr IN APRIL 1991 SFC HQ 65-67
Michael C. Paris 18-Mar-2007 SP4 A 69-70
Theodore A Parsons 1-Feb-1977 SSG A 68
Johnnie Parton VERBAL REPORT B 68-69
Frank N. Partyka UNKNOWN 1SG HQ 69-70
Otis R. Pate 6-Apr-1991 SP5 B 67-68
Salvatore Paternico 21-Feb-1997 HHC Unk
Curtis C. Patton 12-Jun-2014 SFC H RECON 66-67
John J. Patuszynski 31-Mar-1998 SP4 H MORTARS 70
James Payne 11-Dec-2008 SP4 B 69-70
Robert W. Perew 17-Jul-1985 CW2 HQ 66-67
Roy E. Phelps IN 1998 PFC HQ 68
Billy Frank Phelps 15-Jan-06 SFC C 70
Roy E. Pierce 29-Apr-14 HQ MEDIC 66-67
Sidney E. Piercy 21-Sep-1999 SGT Unk 68
Cornelius N. Pierson 14-Jul-2004 SSG HHC 69
Terrence L. Pigg 14-Jan-2003 LT B 69-70
Politisch, Gene L 18-Dec-2006 C Unk
Robert W. Pomeroy 15-Jul-2010 SP4 HQ 70
Arthur Powell 1SG C 69-70
Lawrence H. Prather Jr 21-Aug-1997 CPT HQ 66-67
Trinidad Prieto 25-May-1994 CSM HQ 70
Richard G. Pugh 12-Jun-1976 SP4 HQ 66-67
James K. Pullam 8-May-1979 PSG C 66-67
John H. Qualm IN 1970 PVT HQ 66-67
Theodore Queheillalt IN 2003 PVT A 66-67
Ronald K Quent 27-Mar-2015 SP5 B 67-68
William A. Quirin 11-Jul-2015 SP5 A 68-69
Jorge I. Ramirez-Garibay 28-Dec-1995 1LT BN COMMO 67
Ramos, Esquiline Efrain 30-Sep-2004 SP4 A 70
Ralph L. Rankin 9-May-1999 SP4 A 70
Howard Ray 23-Jan-1972 SP5 Unk 66-67
William E. Razor 12-Jul-2006 SSG C 67-68
Sidney D Redwine SSG C 69-70
Russell E. Redwine 1-Aug-1991 SSG B 66-67
Robert Reel IN 2005 C 67-68
Jesse C. Reese 1-Feb-1984 PFC HQ MAINT 66-67
James Reidy 28-Dec-1998 SP4 A 68
Robert L. Renforth 15-Mar-1995 SP5 D 69
Michael A. Rentz IN APRIL 1987 SGT HHC 68-69
Nathaniel Rhoden 8-Mar-04 SSG B 67
Charles Rhodes 20-Mar-2013 SFC HQ COMMO 66-67 & 69-70
Hal Rhyne IN MAY 1978 LTC BN C.O. 67-68
Robert D. Richards IN 2008 SP5 B 67-68
James L. Ridgway 18-Jun-1998 SSG HQ 70
William C. Riffle 30-Aug-1988 SP4 A 69
Michael K. Riley 9-Sep-1997 SP5 Unk 66-67
Thomas P. Roberts 24-Apr-1976 SP5 B 67-68
Steven R. Robinson 28-Jan-2004 SP4 HHC 68
Robinson, David A. 22-Nov-2004 SP4 D 69-70
Cecil D. Robinson 7-Jun-1996 HHC Unk
Carl Robinson IN 1996 H MORTARS 67-68
Enrique Rojas 10-Mar-1984 SP5 HQ 66-67
Eugene Rorie Jr NEWS LETTER SFC B 67
Bruce J. Rose 24-Jun-88 SP5 A 69
George D. Rounds 27-Jun-2014 PFC B 66-67
Mark Rowan 3/22 INF FSB GOLD 66-67
Roger D. Ruggles 30-May-2010 SP5 D 70
Charles A. Ruley IN 1974 HHC 70
Emmit E. Rushing 7-Dec-1999 PVT C 66-67
Johnny D. Russ 22-Nov-2012 SP5 B 69
Storm (Pinky) Russell 21-Aug-2012 B 69-70
Stanley A. Ruzalski 15-Apr-1978 PFC HQ 68
James L. Sadler 9-Oct-2010 SGT H TANKS 69-70
Terry Sager 23-Apr-10 PFC D 69
Julian Salinas 4-Oct-1976 SP4 HHC 70
Grant A. Salsman IN 1979 SFC B 67-68
John E. Sands 9-May-2014 PFC A 70
James Sanos 16-Oct-2013 C MEDIC 66-67
Roger D. Sargent 19-May-2003 CW2 D 69-70
Joseph D. Savage 20-Dec-2011 SP5 A 68
John Schmidt 6-Jul-1998 SP4 B 70
David R. Schomerus 4-Sep-1995 SP4 HQ 70
Paul E. Schraml IN 1994 CPT B 68-69
Ronald J. Scott 30-Apr-1977 PFC A 66-67
Jesse W. Scott 15-May-1985 PFC B 66-67
Tommy J. Scott 25-Aug-13 SSG B 70
Edward E. Seibel 12-Oct-2010 C 66-67
Reynold L. Setzer 6-Feb-2007 SSG HQ SUPPLY & H TANKS 69-70
Donald L. Sharp 9-Mar-1988 SP5 Unk 66-67
Alfred Mike Shehab VERBAL REPORT SGT A 66-67
Shirley F. Shepherd 12-Nov-2012 SSG H TANKS & C 67-68
Clarence R. Siegler 14-Mar-1981 SP5 B 68
George Siler 12-Feb-1982 PSG B 67-68
Omer Simoneau Jr 27-Dec-2002 SSG A 68
Robert W. Simpson 3-Apr-2005 SP4 HQ 70
Robert Skillman 17-Jan-2010 A 66-67
Harry M. Slay VERBAL REPORT SP4 HHC 67-68
Walter (Ronald) Slywczuk 19-Aug-1991 SP4 D 69-70
Thomas E. Smith IN 1995 SP4 B 69
Calhoun C. Smith 24-Nov-1995 PSG B 68-69
Mario A. Solis IN OCTOBER 2010 A 67-68
Charles Richard Sollars 3-Aug-2011 LT A 68-69
Pedro Soto Jr. 6-Aug-2003 PFC B 69
Gerald A. Souza 17-Aug-10 SP5 HHC 68-69
Richard Spaulding 25-Apr-1996 SP4 HHC 67-68
Lindon R. Spencer 11-Jan-11 SP5 HQ 66-67
Larry L.Spessard 27-Dec-1994 SSG B 66-67
Roy L. Spruiell 17-Feb-2009 SP5 B & HHC 67
Richard V. Squires IN 2006 SP4 HHC 66-67
Arthur M. St. Jean 12-Aug-2010 SP5 B 67-68
Wayne Stacks VERBAL REPORT A 67-68
Williard E. Stambaugh 26-Apr-1993 SFC HQ 69-70
Jim Stamey 26-Jan-2011 SSG A 67-68
Dennis M. Staples 29-Oct-1997 SP4 HHC 68-69
Gary R. Steinbeck 14-Jun-09 SP4 B 68-69
George D. Stevenson IN 1990 MAJ BN X.O. 66-67
Edwin C. Stewart 29-May-2009 SSG B 69-70
Kenneth W. Stewart 15-Feb-1997 SP5 B 70
C.T. Stiles 27-Mar-2014 SSG HHC 69
James M. Stingley 2-29-83 PFC B 69
Donald Stockton IN OCT 2013 B 69-70
George Stokes IN 1992 SP5 B 69-70
Walter K. Stolt 21-Mar-2015 PSG B 69-70
Jackie L Stoltz 6-Oct-2015 SFC HHC 68
William L. Stoolmaker 25-Mar-2008 SFC H SUPP PLT 63-67
John Stratton 9-Dec-2004 B 69-70
Luverne J Streff 30-Apr-2015 PFC HQ 68
W. Gregg Strunck 19-Jun-2010 CPT HQ & C 66-67
James W. Sullivan 16-Mar-1994 SP4 HHC 67
Kenneth E. Sutton 20-Jun-2000 E5 Unk 67-68
Robert M. Swadish IN 1992 SSG A 70
Jerry M. Swindall 25-Dec-2014 SGT HQ 70
Imre Szabo 15-Feb-2008 SSG HQ 66-67
Duane Ray Tague 7-Dec-1996 COL BN C.O. 68-69
Elias L. Taijeron 23-Aug-2006 SP5 B 69
Benny E Talbert 24-Nov-1986 SP4 B 70
Michael J. Talley 29-May-2001 1LT HQ RECON 68
Anthony C. Tamburelli 21-Dec-1998 SP4 H MORTARS 69-70
Robert E Tanner 25-Jun-06 SP4 A 68
Wilfred D Taylor 29-Mar-1986 SP5 D 70
Robert Taylor 12-Jul-1987 SGT HQ 66-67
Robert B. Taylor UNK CPT BN S3 67
Dion K. Taylor 25-May-2008 SGT HQ 66-67
Robert L Thomas 2003 ? MAJ Unk Unk
Emerson Thomas Jr. IN 2002 H RECON 69-70
Samuel Thomas II IN SEPTEMBER 1985 PSG B 70-71
John R. Thomas 6-Dec-2004 1SG B 70
Eldon Thomas 10-Jul-1996 PVT HQ 66-67
Earl L. Thomaston 8-Dec-2006 PFC HQ 68
John D. Thompson 15-Apr-1979 SSG B 68
Elroy L Thompson 20-Dec-2009 SP5 HQ 66-67
Bruce Thornton IN OCTOBER 2004 H TANKS 68-69
Kenneth G. Thrift 9-Feb-1985 SSG B 69
Marvin L. Tieman 23-Apr-2009 CPT A 69-70
Harry D. Tillman 23-Nov-1998 SP5 HQ 66-67
William C. Timmons IN SEPTEMBER 1979 SP4 H MORTARS 69-70
John H. Tipton 6-Dec-2001 COL BN C.O. 68
Jimmie D. Tom 20-Jan-1984 SP4 B 68
Felix I. Torres 22-Apr-2003 PFC HHC 69
Frank C. Torres 27-Nov-2002 B 66-67
Jarrel D. Trail 12-Jan-08 SP4 B 69
John F. Travers Jr 6-Jan-05 SP4 B 68
Raymond E. Trudeau IN 1994 SP5 B 69
Kenneth H. Tucker IN 1974 SP4 B 68-69
Reid L. Tucker 22-Feb-1976 SP4 HQ 66-67
Larry E. Turner 20-Jul-2012 SP4 D & H 69-70
Dwight W. Tuttle UNKNOWN SP4 HHC 66-67
Fred Tuttle IN 2010 HQ Supp 66-67
Jimmie L. Tyson 1-Nov-2001 SSG B 69-70
Jerry Ueblacker after 2001 H RECON & C 67-68
Otis C. Van Wormer 10-Mar-2012 SSG A & HQ 68-69
Lee E. Varain 18-Nov-2010 B 67-68
Terry C Varney IN 1998 SGT A 68
Ronald A. Vecco 12-Jan-2004 SP4 HQ 68
Ed Vermiliyea IN 1998 A 66-67
Vieira, Micheal G. 1-Apr-2010 PFC HQ 66-67
Marvin Wade IN JANUARY 2005 SFC H MORTARS 66-67
James O. Walea 7-May-08 SP4 B 68
Billy Walker IN 2004 A 69-70
Leroy Walker 9-Apr-1990 SSG B 69
Kenneth R. Waller 14-Mar-1998 SP4 D 69-70
Clyde A. Walther 26-Aug-2003 SP4 B & HHC 68
Lee F. Wanlass 3-Jun-2011 PFC C 66-67
Isiah Washington 15-Jul-1989 SSG B 69-70
Joe G. Waters 31-Oct-1990 SSG A 70
Melvin C. Watts 13-Jan-2002 E4 HQ Unk
Charles Watts 29-Dec-2005 MAJ B 67-68
Lawrence Weaver 31-May-1991 SP4 A 68
Ernest Webster 1-Apr-1974 SP5 B 69-70
Arthur A. Wechlo 17-Jan-2008 SP4 HHC 68
Ken Weisent 4-Jan-2005 1/34th Ft. Lewis 62-63
Forrest S Welch 14-Aug-1991 SSG A 68
Stanley L. West 28-Jul-2003 PFC B 68
Ronald C. West 20-Dec-1985 B 66-67
Erich B. Westphal 23-Jun-2011 SFC C 69-70
Elvis C White (Rusty) 3-Feb-11 A 69-70
Daniel L. White 8-Nov-12 PFC B 70-71
Eugene P. Whitehair 20-Dec-1985 SP5 C 66-67
Gary L Whitescarver 28-Jun-2001 HHC 68-69
Roger T. Whittler 24-Nov-1990 B 69
Marshall E Wickline 3-Aug-2013 SFC A 69-70
Paul C. Williamson 10-Aug-2008 SSG BN MAINT 64-67
Ambrose Willie 26-Oct-2009 PFC A 66-67
Mark A. Wilson 17-Oct-1995 SP4 B 70
Moses Wilson 18-Jul-1989 PVT A 66-67
Eddie D. Wilson 3-Dec-2011 PFC B 70-71
George M. Winters 16-Jun-2004 SP4 HQ & MED PLT 66-67
John R. Wisinger 18-Aug-1974 PFC HHC 68-69
Rodger T. Wittler 24-Nov-1990 SP4 HQ 66-67
Frank Wolford 23-Apr-2011 SP5 A 70
Daniel A. Worpek 8-Jul-2006 SP4 HHC 67-68
John S. Worthington 10-Dec-2010 PFC B 69
David C. Wozniak 21-May-1972 HHC Unk
Henry Yanez 13-Aug-2012 PSG C 66-67
Norman F. Yankee 13-Dec-2008 BN MAINT 66-67
Thomas E. York 11-Jan-2014 SP4 D 69-70
Greg Zagelow 1-Jun-1996 C 66-67
Raymond Ziolkoski IN JAN 2005 C 66-67
Walter E. Zukowski 18-May-1989 SP5 B 67


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