Lost Members of the Unit and Associates...found at one time, now lost from us again.

(Updated last on January 11, 2016)



The following personnel have checked in with the Association at some point in time, but have not kept the Association informed of their current mailing addresses. 

If you know where these people are, please have them check in with Pat Forster or contact the Web Master to update their contact information.

Lost Dreadnaughts  


Abel Jacob Abel SP4 C 66-67
Abraham Thomas Abraham 1SG B 69
Adle George E. Adle Jr. PFC HHC 66-67
Albertini John E. Albertini SP4 A 69-70
Aldridge Billy B. Aldridge PFC H MORTARS 67-68
Andzel Stephen J. Andzel SP4 B 67-68
Ashley Isaac Ashley SGT C 66-67
Auler Ricky D. Auler SP4 D 70
Bailey Linwood Bailey LT HQ & D 70
Bankhead Charles Bankhead A 70
Barbour Charles Barbour HQ 69
Barsanti William G. Barsanti 1LT B 67-68
Bartell Nicklas P. Bartell E5 C 67-68
Barthell Larry Barthell H SUPP PLT 66-67
Bates Gene Bates H RECON 66-67
Baumann George R. Baumann PVT H MORTARS 66-67
Beasley Benjamin Beasley MAJ BN X.O. & S3 68-69
Beecherl Thomas E. Beecherl SP4 HHC 69
Biddle William (Pete Weibel) Biddle HQ AVLB 66-67
Bisell Bob Bisell BN S3 70
Bishop Larry Bishop C 68-69
Blackmon George Blackmon SP4 C 67-68
Blaylock Roy L. Blaylock SSG H RECON 69
Bobo William Bobo 1LT C 69-70
Bor(e)man Borman, Frank K. SP4 B 68
Bowers Rex Bowers BN S2 70
Box Frank R. Box SSG D 70
Bruehl Richard G. Bruehl PVT C 67-68
Buffington Donald L. Buffington SP4 A 70
Burbank Dave M. Burbank HQ C.O. 68-69
Burgess DuWayne A Burgess SP4 H RECON 66-67
Burninghamm David L. Burninghamm B 66-67
Butters Bill Butters A 68-69
Callaghan David J. Callaghan SP4 H TANKS 69-70
Carr Joseph E Carr CPT HQ & A 70
Cattell Larry H. Cattell C 69
Clingenpeel Larry D. Clingenpeel PFC B 67-68
Cofield Keith Cofield SP4 B 67-68
Collum Charley A. Collum SP4 D 69-70
Cook Varon Cook SP? D Unk
Cooke Allonie Cooke H RECON 68
Coonce Clayton R. Coonce PFC C 66-67
Crawley Ned Crawley 1LT H SUPP PLT & C 67-68
Creason Lloyd T. Creason SP4 A & B FO 69-70
Crisp Everett Moran Crisp BN MEDIC 70
Crow Michael L. Crow SP4 B 66-67
Cuneo Steve P. Cuneo A 66-67
D'Amico Doug D'Amico C 69
Daniels Clifford E. Daniels B 66-67
Davis Bill Davis SP4 H RECON & CRIP & A 69-70
Davis Gary L. Davis SP4 B 66-67
Davis James L. Davis 2LT A 68-69
De Vera Freddie L. De Vera SP4 HHC & D 70
Delaney Thomas F. Delaney A & HQ 69-70
Ducharme Robert F.(or M.) Ducharme SP4 A 69-70
Duchnowski Stanley Duchnowski HQ 66-67
Easley Michael (Mike) F. Easley MAJ BN S3 & XO 68-69
Ellsworth Ronald G. Ellsworth SP4 B 67-68
Emert Billy Earl Emert D 68-69
Evans Leroy Evans SP5 A 66-67
Eveleth Tom Eveleth D 69-70
Fizer Gene Fizer SGT BN S2 70
Flack Gary L. Flack CPT A 66-67
Flatley Kevin M. Flatley H RECON 68-69
Fliehman Elmer Fliehman HQ 67-68
Flinn Charles (Chuck) Flinn PFC C 70
Flores Antonio C. Flores PSG A 69-70
Frady John Frady HQ SUPPLY 67-68
Franciso Hiawatha Franciso SP4 B 69
Francois Paul D. Francois SP4 A MEDIC 69-70
Frank John (Nick) Frank SP4 A 69-70
Gadosik Paul J. Gadosik A 67-68
Gainer William L. Gainer SP4 HQ 70
Gilley David Gilley B 70-71
Girling William (Bill) S.  Girling LT D 70
Godfrey Robert R. Godfrey SP5 B 68
Graber Oscar D. Graber PVT HHC 66-67
Grissett Kelly W. Grissett SGT B 67-68
Grzeskowiak Marek J. Grzeskowiak H SUPP PLT 66-67
Hale Arthur M. Hale SP5 D  & HHC 67-68
Hamm Ed Hamm H RECON 69-70
Hammer Gary Hammer SP4 HQ 68-69
Hans Jimmy W. Hans SP4 HHC & C 67-68
Harbour John Harbour SP4 C 67-68
Harrelson Roger Harrelson HHC 67
Hatfield Jack Hatfield C 69-70
Helms Danny L. Helms SSG A 69-70
Herman Tom Herman A 67-68
Herrick Gary Herrick C 68-69
Hess Robert B. Hess SP4 B 69-70
Hesser Billy L. Hesser SSG A & C 66-67 & 69
Hix William M. Hix CPT / ADJ HQ 66-67
Hodges William C. Hodges SP5 B 68-69
Hodgson William R. Hodgson Sr. H RECON 66-67
Hoxsey Kenneth L. Hoxsey PSG A 67-68
Hughston Jerry D. Hughston 1LT Unk 68
Hyde William R. Hyde SP4 HHC 67-68
Irby Donald D. Irby PVT B 66-68
Jackson Delbert C. Jackson SP4 HQ 67-68
Jensen Fredrick Jensen Jr. SGT H RECON 66-67
Jetseck Bruce Jetseck B & D 69-70
Johnson Joseph R. Johnson HQ 66-67
Kelly Robert J. Kelly CPT. C C.O. 67-68
Kendrick Billy R. Kendrick PVT A 66-67
Kennedy Richard T. Kennedy SP4 H RECON 66-67
King Marc A. King CPT HQ 70
King Paul K. King PFC B 68-70
Kochendorfer Fred Kochendorfer SP? D 69-70
Koshinsky Joseph E. Koshinsky SP4 A 67-68
Krumm Robert Krumm SFC B 69
Kurbursky Charles Kurbursky H RECON 67-68
La Lomia Charlie La Lomia SGT A 67-68
LaChappelle George E. LaChappelle SGT B 68-69
Langham Donald Langham SP4 C 67-68
Lawell Richard J. Lawell C 70
Leatherman Charles A. Leatherman SP5 B 68-69
Liberti Peter J. Liberti SSG H TANKS 66-67
Linville Jerry Linville H SUPP PLT 66-67
Lucas Billy C. Lucas SP4 B 66-67
Luther William M. Luther SP4 H RECON 67-68
Marley James L. Marley E3 A 70
Martinez Robert L. Martinez PFC C 66-67
Maryland William Maryland C MEDIC 67-68
McAdams Chuck L. McAdams A 66-67
McCarthy Dennis C. McCarthy A 66-67
McNeil James H. McNeil SP5 B 67-68
Mesa Johnny Mesa SP5 B 69-70
Miller Michael Miller A 67-68
Moore Edward (Ed) E. Moore JR PFC A 66-67
Morgan Mrs. Tommy D. Morgan A 66-67
Mulling Volker Mulling PFC A 66-67
Munz Eugene Munz SSG C 66-67
Murena Robert E. Murena SP4 HQ 66-67
Murphy Thomas Murphy Unk 69
Nelson Gary L. Nelson C 68
Nelson George L. Nelson PFC D 69-70
Nowack Leonard (Lyn) G. Nowack MAJ BN S3 69-70
Nowell Jonathan D. Nowell HQ 69-70
O'Donnell Vincent R. O'Donnell SP4 HQ & A MEDIC 69-70
Oliver J. Oliver Unk 67-68
Osborn Richard L. Osborn A 68-69
Peck Dwayne A. Peck PVT C 66-67
Peralta Ray Peralta H SUPP PLT 66-67
Peretti Dennis M. Peretti SP4 B 66-67
Pingolt Donald E. Pingolt SSG B 67-68
Poe Christian Poe H SUPP PLT 66-67
Pollei Gary J. Pollei PFC D 69-70
Poulos Rocky A. Poulos A 68-69
Price Kenneth A. Price 1LT A 67-68
Purvis Kenneth M. Purvis B 67-68
Ray David A. Ray III LT HHC 69-70
Reid Gordon L. Reid PFC B 70-71
Rice Mike W. Rice C 68-69
Ringwood Dennis D. Ringwood SP4 C 66-67
Roan Pierce A. Roan CPT C 69-71
Robles Miguel Robles C 67-68
Ruttle Robert E. Ruttle H TANKS 66-68
Sawaya Jerry Sawaya CPT D Unk
Schifano Sam Schifano H RECON 67
Schumacher Edward C. Schumacher SP4 H SUPP PLT 66-67
Schwarz Richard Schwarz Unk 67-68
Sensabaugh Samuel W. Sensabaugh SP5 C 66-67
Sessions Steve L. Sessions H RECON 69-70
Sheets David B. Sheets SGT C 66-67
Shelton Robert E. Shelton SSG B 67-68
Sigle Charles (Chuck) Sigle A 67-68
Slabaugh Henry C. Slabaugh SP4 HHC 70
Smith Sam L. Smith B 69-70
Smith Travis Smith B MECHANIC 69-70
Smith Michael J. Smith Unk 69-70
Snyder Jerry G. Snyder 1LT D 69-70
Souders Terry Souders B 69-70
Stanley Monty "Jerry" Stanley SP4 HQ 66-67
Stephens Ernie Stephens SFC HQ S1 67-68
Stout Karl Stout A 67-68
Sullivan Thomas Sullivan HQ MEDIC 67-68
Swanson Curtis Swanson SP5 A 66-67
Taylor James E. Taylor SP4 H TANKS 69-70
Terry Nathan Terry Jr. SP5 B 68-69
Thomas Daniel J. Thomas H RECON 68
Thompson Karl W. Thompson B & HHC 69-70
Townes Paul Steve Townes SP5 A 69
Townsend Bob Townsend SGT H RECON 66-67
Tussing Randall Tussing H RECON 66-67
Ulllrich Gerald (Gerry) D. Ullrich A 66-67
Van Noy William D. Van Noy SGT B 67
Vanasse Alan T. Vanasse SP5 C 68-69
Vance Ben G. Vance PFC BN MAINT 68-69 & 70
Varner Melvin Varner A 68-69
Villalobos Frank Villalobos SP4 H RECON 66-67
Vlastelica Peter V. Vlastelica Jr. SP4 B 68
Vomberg Kurt A. Vomberg E4 H RECON 67-68
Walker Frank A. Walker SP4 C 66-67
Walker Donald H. Walker PVT HQ 66-67
Walton James Walton A 66-67
West Claude N. West SP5 D & HHC 69-70
Wheeler Stephen D. Wheeler SP4 B 68-69
Whitehurst Larry E. Whitehurst SP4 Unk 69
Williams Roger W. Williams PVT B 67-68
Williamson Charles Williamson D  & A 69-70
Wooters Arthur L. Wooters SFC D 70
York Ronald E. York H RECON 69-70

Lost Associates

Andrew Ansell Lost Person, Last Known In Acme PA
Elaine Cieciorka Lost Person, Last Known In Raleigh NC
Mrs. Fred S. Dail Lost Person, Last Known In Tacoma WA
Mrs. Nancy DelCimmuto Lost Person, Last Known In Detroit MI
Jeff Flannery Lost Person, Last Known In    
Joseph Franklin Lost Person, Last Known In Orlando FL
Russ Kruzel Lost Person, Last Known In Fenton MI
Gary Moles Lost Person, Last Known In    
Ken Murray Lost Person, Last Known In West Austraila  
Lou Robinson Lost Person, Last Known In Marrietta GA
Michael D. Warren Lost Person, Last Known In Beale AFB CA



Do you know where these Dreadnaughts are?    Do we have your correct address on file?


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