Most Wanted Men Part 1

(Updated as of January 1, 2016)

This page features the names of men that have been very hard to locate. If you know where any of the named individuals can be found or if you suspect that someone listed on these pages was related to you, please email Pat Forster with your information by clicking on the hot link letters below.



Former Veterans of the 2/34th Armor being sought.

Names A through J


Adams Adams, Phillip R. PFC D 70
Adams Adams, William T. SP4 D 70
Adams Adams, Larry SP5 HQ 66-67
Aiken Aiken, John T. 2LT Unk 68
Aikers Aikers, ? HHC 68
Aldridge Aldridge, A.D. SSG HQ 66-67
Alinance Alinance, Ray HHC 66-67
Allen Allen, Charles R. SP4 D 70
Allen Allen, William W. PFC HQ 70
Allen Allen, Willie J. SP4 HHC 67
Allen Allen, Vernon C. PFC HQ 66-67
Anderson Anderson, Donald E. SP5 B 69
Anderson Anderson, Lawrence SSG D 68
Anderson Anderson, Gary L. SP5 A 70
Anderson Anderson, Robert W. SP5 B 68-69
Anderson Anderson, Thomas C. SGT A 70
Andres Isaac Andres PFC HQ 66-67
Armstrong Armstrong, Richard SP5 B 68
Ash Ash, Michael J. SP4 B 70
Back Back, ? PFC Unk Unk
Bags Bags, Odford L. SP4 B 69
Bailey Bailey, Joseph A. PSG B 68
Bailey Bailey, David SP4 A 70
Baker Baker, J. Unk 66-67
Baker Baker, Robert A. PFC B 70
Balbs Balbs, Edward L. PFC HQ 70
Banks Banks, William M. SP4 B 69-70
Barber Barber, Carl E. B Unk
Barone Barone, J. HQ 66-67
Barrett Barry D Barrett SGT/SP5 C 69-70
Bass Bass, Alvin G. SP4 A 70
Battle Battle, James Unk 68
Baxter Baxter, Arthur SP4 B 69
Beavers Beavers, Rubin N. PFC A 69
Behtair Behtair, Eugene P. SP4 HHC 69-70
Bell Bell, Charles SGT HHC 69-70
Benedict John M Benedict SP4 HQ 68
Benedict Benedict, B. HQ 66-67
Bernard Bernard, ? Unk 70
Bokanovich John A Bokanovich SSG B 69-70
Branson Branson (?) Unk 69-70
Braun Michael E Braun SP4 HHC 70
Brewer Brewer, C. A 66-67
Briggs Briggs, Larry PVT HHC 69
Brown Brown, Curtis L. SSG B 69
Brown Brown, Dennis G. SP5 D 70
Brown Richard B Brown PFC B 70-71
Brown Samuel L Brown PFC B 70-71
Brown Brown, Gerald PFC HQ 69-70
Brown Brown, James C 69-70
Brown Brown, Raymond Jr. SSG HHC 70
Bryant Bryant, Carl PFC HQ 70
Burgett Burgett, Tom Unk 68
Bustos Bustos, Richard G. E4 BN MAINT 66-67
Byron Byron, ? SP4 C 67-68
C??er, C??er, Henry B. SP4 B 69
Carver Carver, ? SP4 Unk 70
Carwite Carwite, D. HHC 66-67
Castillo Castillo, Sam SP4 D 70
Castillo Castillo, Cesar Del Unk 67-68
Cavanaugh Cavanaugh, ? C 70
Chambers Chambers, J.C. SSG A 68
Clark Clark, Thomas S. PSG HQ 70
Clark Clark, Thomas D. SFC HHC 70
Clune Gary G. Clune PVT HHC 66-67
Codwell Codwell, Jud Unk Unk
Cole Cole, Charlie D 68-70
Cole Cole, John Unk 69
Coleman Stephen G Coleman C 68
Collars Collars, Charles R LT D 70
Combs Combs, Robert L SSG HQ 66-67
Cook Cook, George F. SSG A 66-67
Cook Cook, (?) A 67-68
Cook Cook, David W. (Doc) SP5 C 67-67
Cook Cook, Samuel R. PVT C 66-67
Cooper Cooper, Michael B. SP4 BN MED SECT. 66-67
Costa Costa, Boston SGT Unk Unk
Coulliette Coulliette, Walter SP5 A 66-67
Cox Cox, James H. PFC B 70-71
Cranch Cranch, Nolan Unk 67-68
Cruz Cruz, Espinoza Ange SP4 D 70
Dahler Dahler, William J. SP5 B 69
Daniel Daniel, W. HQ 66-67
Daniel Daniel, Cecil SGT B 70-71
Darden Darden, Willie S. E5 Unk Unk
Datton Datton, Ronald HHC ? 69 ?
David David, J. SP4 HQ 66-67
Davidson Davidson, William SP4 B 69-70
Davis Davis, C. A 66-67
Davis Davis, James C. 1SG B 68
Davis Davis, Jerry D. PVT C 66-67
Davis Davis, Jerry D. SP4 B 67-68
Dayton Dayton, Roger (Randy) HQ 69-70
Debilzan Debilzan, L. HQ 66-67
Del Moral-Colon Del Moral-Colon, William SP4 HHC 69
Delgado Delgado, Riviera Saturino SP4 C 67-68
Dermody Dermody, Gerald E. PVT HHC 66-67
Dill(i)on Dill(i)on, Robert A 66-67
Dixon Dixon, James E. SGT A 67-68
Dominguez Dominguez, Samuel SP5 HQ SUPPLY & A 66-67
Donald Arland D Donald E5 A 67-68
Dowells Dowells, David Unk 69-70
Doyle Doyle, Robert A. PFC D 70
Dubose Dubose, ? PFC HQ & C 69-70
Dunkin (Duncan) Dunkin (Duncan) SGT C 67-68
Dunlap Lyn R. Dunlap SP4 HHC 68
Edwards Edwards, ? SSG C 66-67
Erickson Erickson, Benard Unk Unk
Espino Espino, Eric N. SP4 C MEDIC 66-67
Evans Evans, Charles A. PFC HQ 68
Evans Evans, Walter I. Jr. PFC D 69-70
Fackler Fackler, John H. PSG HQ 70
Fields Kenneth R Fields SP4 HQ 70
Finney Finney, Steve V. A 67-68
Fish Fish, Roger SP4 HHC 67-68
Flannigan Flannigan, Mike Unk 66-67
Fletcher Fletcher, Henry Jr SSG C 66-67
Flynn Flynn, Larry Unk 70
Forea Forea, ? LT A
Foster Foster, Carl W. Jr. SP4 HQ 70
Foster Foster, Charles SP5 HQ 66-67
Fowler Fowler, Henry SP4 C 69-70
Fox Fox, Johnie C. SSG D 70
Freeman Freeman, Edward SP4 B 69
Fulk Fulk, Louis R. SP4 C 70
Fullington Fullington, Stephen PFC A 68
Fulton Fulton, (?) Unk 69-70
Fume(?) Fume(?), James J PFC A 68
Furguson Furguson, Vernon A. SP4 B 68
Galloway Galloway, Donald SP4 D 70
Garcia Garcia, Miguel S. SSG C 66-67
Garcia Garcia, Ines De Jesus SSG HQ SUPPLY 66-67
Garrett Garrett, Calvin PFC B 70-71
Gaspard Gary L Gaspard B 69
Gilbert Gilbert, Paul D. Unk 67-68
Giles Giles, ? SSG C 69-70
Gorman Gerald J Gorman SFC HHC 69
Graham Graham, Sam Unk Unk
Grant Grant, Terry L SP4 C 67-68
Green Green, "Turtle" SGT C 67-68
Green Green, Kelly L SP4 A 68
Griffey James A Griffey SGT HQ 70
Hale ? Hale, (D.) ? Unk 68-70
Hall Hall, Jerry G. PFC B 69
Hall Hall, J. HQ 66-67
Hall Hall, Paul (F. ?) SP4 D 70
Hall Hall, Kenneth E. PFC HQ 68
Hammons Hammons, Edward SP5 Unk 66-67
Hansen Ronald G Hansen SP4 HHC 69-70
Harrington Harrington, James PFC HHC 68-69
Harris Jay D Harris PFC HHC 70
Harris Harris, Bobby C. SP4 A 70
Harrison Harrison, Melvin D. D Unk
Harrison Harrison, Dwight PFC HQ 68
Hasting Hastings, Allen C 67-68
Hatfield Hatfield, MIke A 70
Hawkins Hawkins, William LT Unk 68-69
Hawkins Hawkins, Sonny Unk 68-69
Heartley Heartley, Willie HQ 67
Heath Heath, Jimmy Unk Unk
Hebert Hebert, Eugene SSG A 68
Hemmel Hemmel, Marlin C. A 70
Henderson Henderson, (?) HHC 69-70
Hernandez Hernandez, Leonard SP4 HQ & B 66-67
Hernandez Hernandez, Juan C 68
Hiezman Hiezman, Roger D. PFC B 68
Hill Hill, Peter D. SP4 B 69
Hinton Hinton, SP4 D 70
Ho Ho, Tse W. PFC HHC 66-67
Hogg John E Hogg SGT B 67-68
Holloway Holloway, ? PSG HHC 67-68
Holloway Holloway, Gene SSG HHC 67
Holt Holt, J. SSG HQ 66-67
Horn Horn, Fredrick G. SP4 HHC 68
Howard Howard, Calvin SP4 HQ 66-67
Hudson Hudson, D. SSG HQ 66-67
Hughes Hughes, Charles C. SSG HQ 66-67
Hutson Hutson, Anthony A Unk
Isbell Isbell, Norman G. PVT A 66-67
Isom Isom, Johnny SP4 HHC 69
Jackman Carl E Jackman SP4 A 70
Jackson Jackson, Willie C. SP4 D 70
Jackson Jackson, Coy Robert SSG A Unk
Jackson Jackson B 68
James James, William C. SP4 D 68
Jann Jann, James V. SP4 D 70
Jennings Jennings,  Richard E. SP4 C 66-67
Jensen Jensen, James L. SP4 HQ 70
Johnson Johnson, Richard G. Unk Unk
Johnson Johnson, Kent A 70-71
Johnson Johnson, Steven E. SP4 D 69-70
Johnson Johnson, Richard A. SP5 HHC 69
Johnson Johnson, Jerry L. PFC HQ 68
Johnson Johnson ? SGT B 67
Jones Jones, Roger PFC B 69
Jones Jones, James R. SGT B 69
Jones Jones, Mark (A. ?) SP4 D 70
Jones Jones, Daniel R. SGT H MORTARS 69-70
Jones Jones, Calvin R. C 70
Jones Jones, Richard P. SP5 D 69-70
Jones Jones, (E-6) E6 H MORTARS 69-70
Jones Jones, Hardie Jr. PFC D 69
Jones Jones, Randall C. PFC Unk 67
Jones Jones, Sanford SSG C 68-69


If you have any information on these listed people please email Pat Forster

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