Most Wanted Men Part 2

(Updated as of January 11, 2016)

This page features the names of men that have been very hard to locate. If you know where any of the named individuals can be found or if you suspect that someone listed on these pages was related to you, please email Pat Forster with your information by clicking on the hot link letters below.



Former Veterans of the 2/34th Armor being sought.

If you have any information on these listed people please email the Pat Forster.



Former Veterans of 2/34th Armor being sought.

Names K though Z

Kaier Kaier, Andrew J. PFC HHC 69
Kay Sammy B Kay SGT A 70
Kenyon Kenyon, H. BN COMMO 66-67
Key Key, ? SSG C 69-70
King King, Robert D 69-70
Kirk Kirk SGT H MORTARS 70
Krol Donald L Krol SP4 HQ 70
Lane Lane, Charles W. PFC D 68
Law Law, ? SGT C 69-70
Lawrence Cletus J Lawrence PFC HQ 68
Lee Lee, Roger D. SP4 D 70
Lemoine Carroll J Lemoine SP4 D 70
Lent Lent, Larry SP4 HHC 69-70
Lewis Lewis, James R. SP4 B 70-71
Lilly Lilly, Roland M. SP5 HQ 66-67
Lopez Lopez, Fidenzio PFC D Unk
Lopez Lopez, Rigoberto PVT HQ 66-67
Lowe Lowe, Fred H. Jr. Unk Unk
Loyla Loyla, Carlos R.V.G.y Jr. Unk 69-70
MaCauley James H MaCauley SP4 Unk 68
Marks Marks, John D. SP5 HQ & D 69-70
Marney Marney, William H. HQ 70
Marvey Marvey, William H. SFC HQ 70
Mayo Mayo, Jose J. R. SP5 A 68
McClure McClure, Richard SGT D 70
McCullough McCullough, Robert PFC HHC 66-67
McGeehan John D Mcgeehan SGT HHC 69
McGeorge McGeorge, Robert (?) SP4 C 66-67
McGowan Ray S McGowan PFC B 69-70
McGrath McGrath, R. A 66-67
McLand McLand, ? HHC 67-68
McNeill McNeill, Steven SP4 C 70
Melenia Gerald M Melenia SP4 HHC 68
Messer Messer, Jimmy A. Unk 67-68
Miller Miller, Albert PFC HHC 70
Miller Miller, Leroy SP4 Unk Unk
Miller Miller, Kieth SP5 HQ 70
Miller Miller, Kenneth E. PFC HQ 66-67
Mishamoto Mishamoto, Andy A 70
Moffa(i)tt Moffa(i)tt, Donald M. SP4 HQ 66-67
Moisick Moisick Unk Unk
Monroe Herbert Monroe SP4 A 69
Mooney Mooney, ? PFC Unk Unk
Moore Moore, William A. Jr. SP5 B 69
Moore Moore, William C 68
Moore Moore, Thurmond SP4 A 69
Moore Moore, John B. SP5 A 70
Moreno Moreno, Raymond J. PVT A 66-67
Moreno Moreno, George G. PVT HQ 66-67
Morris Morris, Tom PVT HQ 66-67
Murphy Larry E Murphy PFC B 70-71
Murphy Murphy, Ronald J. PVT Unk 66-67
Murphy James H Murphy SFC HQ 66-67
Murrell Murrell, James D. SSG A 68
Nabua Rolando C Nabua SP4 A 70
Natale Natale, Michael SP4 D 69-70
Naylor Robert L Naylor SP4 A 69
Nelson Nelson, James R. SP4 HQ 66-67
Newman Newman, Andrew PVT Unk 66-67
Nichols Nichols, L. H TANKS 66-67
Nielsen Nielsen, Gary SP4 C Unk
Nissen Nissen, W. HQ 66-67
Nix Nix, Don Unk Unk
Nolan Nolan, Lloyd Unk Unk
Norman Norman, Paul E. Unk Unk
Norman Norman, James F SSG A 68
O'Brien O'Brien, Francis X. PSG C 69-70
Oliver Oliver, D. HQ 66-67
Oper Oper, William E. D Unk
Otero-Pagan Otero-Pagan SP4 HHC 67
Owen Owen, P. HQ 66-67
Page Page, Robert (L) SSG Unk 66-67
Parmeter Parmeter, Charles SP4 Unk Unk
Parrish Parrish, Stephen PFC A 70
Pearce Pearce, W P SGT A 68
Pederson Pederson, PFC HQ 70
Pennel Pennel, Timothy C 68-69
Pennington Pennington, Richard L. SP4 H SUPP PLT 66-67
Perez Perez, Jamie PFC B 70-71
Perkins Perkins D 68-70
Perry Perry, Morris Jr. SSG HQ 70
Perry William F Perry SP5 B 69
Peterson Peterson, Micheal J. SP4 C 68
Petosky Petosky, David HHC 68-69
Peveria Peveria, Joseph A SP5 A 70
Pickens Pickens (?) Unk Unk
Pogie Pogie C Unk
Poole Poole, Charles A. SSG D 70
Porter Porter, Robert D. WO1 H SUPP PLT SECT LDR 67
Preciado Richard F Preciado SP5 A 66-67
Price Price, Larry L. SP5 HHC 67-68
Price Price, Ralph PFC B 67
Price Price, Lawrence A. SP4 HQ 68
Ramirez-Vasquez Ramirez-Vasquez, ? SSG HQ 70
Ramos Ramos, Rudy PFC A 68
Rankin George B Rankin SGT C 67-68
Reel David L Reel SP4 A 70
Reneau Ronald W Reneau SP4 C 66-67
Renolds Renolds, R. HQ 66-67
Reyes Reyes, Estebean (Stephen) SP4 HQ 68-70
Rice Rice, Gary C 68-69
Riddle Riddle, Donald L. D 69-70
Riley Riley, Mathew (?) SP4 HQ 66-67
Rivera-Mojica Rivera-Mojica, David SP4 C 70
Riveria Riveria, Miguel SP4 HHC 66-67
Roache Roache, Thomas D. SSG B 69
Roberts Roberts, K. HQ 66-67
Roberts Roberts MSG Unk 68-70
Robertson Robertson, James L. PFC HQ 70
Robertson Robertson, Terry L. SP4 Unk Unk
Robinson Robinson, B. A 66-67
Robinson Robinson, James M. Jr. SP4 H RECON 66-67
Rodgers Rodgers, Jimmy SP4 HHC 70
Rodriguez Rodriguez, Paul M. PVT HQ 66-67
Rodriguez Rodriquez, Edward R. PFC HQ 68
Rodriguez Rodriguez, Isidro M. PVT HQ 66-67
Rodriquez Rodriquez, (?) A 69-70
Roe Hoe (J. Norman) Roe Hoe (J. Norman) A 67-68
Roland Roland, (?) 1SG A 67-68
Rollins Elwin J Rollins SP4 B 70-71
Ross Ross, Robert L. PFC A 66-67
Rowland Rowland, A. 1SG A 68-69
Rowland Rolwand, James E. SGT B 1970
Rubuski / Robuski Rubuski / Robuski (LT) LT A 67-68
Ruggles Ruggles, Larry Unk 70
Rumpf Michael J Rumpf PFC C 66-67
Russell Russell, John R. SFC D 70
Rutherford Rufus H Rutherford SP4 B 69
Scaggs Scaggs, ? PFC C 69-70
Schieder Schieder, Richard SP4 Unk Unk
Schneider Schneider, Richard SP4 HQ 70
Schroder ? Schroder ? H RECON 70
Schuett Schuett, Robert A. SP5 HHC 66-67
Scott Scott, Edward S SGT A 68
Shapiro Leonard H Shapiro 1LT Unk 66
Sheldon Sheldon, Paul Jr. PFC B 69
Shelton Shelton, Kenneth C 68
Shirley Shirley, John 67-68
Simmons Simmons, James SP4 B 67
Simzyk Alan G Simzyk SP4 HHC 68-69
Smith Smith, Benjamin L. SP4 HHC & D 70
Smith Smith, James G.(C.) SSG HQ 70
Smith Smith, Ronald J. SP4 A 66-67
Smith Smith, Larry (?) PFC B 69
Smith Smith, John (Smitty) SP4 C 67-68
Smith Smith, Tom LT D 68-70
Smith Smith, Issac Jr SP5 HQ 66-67
Smith Smith, Richard E. Unk Unk
Smith Smith, Benjamin F. SSG A 70
Smith Smith, Thomas G. SGT HHC 68-69
Smith Smith, David 1LT HQ 69
Smith Smith, Loren W. SGT C 66-67
Smith Smith, Max Jr PVT HHC 66-67
Smith Smith, Donald R. PVT HQ 66-67
Smith Smith, Warren L. PFC HQ 66-67
Snyder Ronald L Snyder 1LT B 68
Spencer Spencer, Craig Unk 69-70
Springfield Springfield D 68-70
St. Clair St. Clair, Larry RECON 67-68
Stadtler Thomas M Stadtler PFC HQ 68
Steinbeck Steinbeck, Raymond SP4 HHC 68
Steroke Steroke SGT HQ 68-69
Stevens Stevens, R. SP4 B 69-70
Stevens Stevens, Carl E. SP4 B 69
Steverson Steverson, T H TANKS 66-67
Stoll Stoll, William E. SP4 HHC 67
Stone Stone, James S SGT A 68
Strickland Strickland, Kenneth SP4 B 70
Strong Strong, Raymond A. SP4 B 66-67
Sweeney Sweeney, Joseph J. SP4 B 69
Taylor Taylor, Harold E. PFC D 68
Taylor Taylor, Henry L. SP4 HQ 70
Taylor Gilbert W Taylor SP4 A 67-68
Taylor Taylor, Charles E. SP4 B 67
Taylor Taylor, Leroy PVT Unk 66-67
Taylor Taylor, Lawrence A. SP4 HHC 67
Texeira, ? Texeira SFC HHC 69
Thomas Thomas, Robert SGT Unk Unk
Thomas Thomas, Mitchell SP4 D 70
Thomas Thomas, Robert E. SP4 HHC 67
Thompson Thompson, Ronald S. SP5 D 70
Thompson Thompson, Danny J. SGT A 69
Thompson Thompson, Robert J. PVT Unk 66-67
Thomson Thomson, Richard (?) SGT HQ 66-67
Thoren Thoren, James SP4 B 69
Thornton Michael M Thornton SP4 HQ 66-67
Trevino Juan T Trevino SP5 A 66-67
Turillo Turillo D & A 68-70
Turner Turner, James E. SP4 Unk Unk
Vargas Otis Vargas SP5 HHC 68
Vasquez Vasquez. Juan PFC C 70
Vaughn Vaughn, Gary SP5 HHC 69
Villareal Villareal, Enrique PFC HQ 66-67
Wantanabe Wantanabe, (?) SFC C 67-68
Warner Warner, Fred SP4 HQ 70
Warner Warner, R. C 66-67
Wastler Wastler, George E. SGT Unk 68
Watkins Watkins, Larry HQ 66-67
Whelton Whelton, L. A 66-67
White White, Douglas L. SP4 HHC 69-70
White White, Darrell SP4 D 70
White White, Richard C. 1SG D 70
White White, Charles SGT HQ 66-67
White White, Richard J. PFC D 69-70
White White, Lenoard (Lenord) R. SP4 A 66-67
Whitted Whitted, ? SP4 C 69-70
Williams Williams, James N. 1LT A 69
Williams Williams, Clem SP5 HQ 66-67
Williams Williams, Robert S. Unk 67-68
Williamson Williamson, Dan LTC BN C.O. 92-93
Willis Willis, Gary SGT Unk Unk
Wilson Wilson, Johnny L. SGT HQ 70
Wilson Wilson, John W. SP4 A 67-68
Witherington Witherington C Unk
Woods Woods, Phillip L. SP4 B 68
Woods Woods SSG C 67-68
Woods Woods, Dave B 68-69
Woolston James B Woolston SP5 HHC 68
Wright Wright, Parrington SP4 HQ 70
Wright Wright, Bruce Unk 70
Wright Wright, Frank III SP4 H MORTARS 68
Young Young, Robert A. CPT HQ 70
Young Young C 67-68


If you have any information on these listed people please email Pat Forster


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